the members with the right of business can buy a cell phone at a low price and open it at a low price.
Convenient, quick, and easy to open and sell mobile phones. the members can get a lot of rewards every time you sell and open service for a cell phone.

Internet & IPTV

Members who have the right of business install the Internet to others and then can receive lots of commission by installing the Internet and IPTV.


Rental service

With the right business, the members can rent by low price and do business to use rental services. there are many rental goods from living machine to private things. through business, members can get a lot of commissions.

Flower delivery

GTX Flower Delivery service operate a shopping mall specializing in flower delivery so that you can order and receive it directly anytime, anywhere.
GTX Flower Delivery service provides high-quality flower delivery to all parts of the country in just three hours from 700 flower shops.

Proxy Driving & Consignment service

It is not a proxy driver who just only provides driving for customer safety, but provides customized services to each and every customer.
GTX proxy driving is a service that searches for my location information in real time in an application and visits anywhere in the country 24 hours a day. In the app, 10% of the amount used is automatically accumulated every time, and you can use it in cash if you want, and the point is linked to other businesses, so you can use it freely whenever and wherever you want.

Travel packages

There are two travel courses.
First, a two person round-trip air ticket to Jeju Island is provided, and a pension to stay and a rental car that can be used for 48 hours. This course is a free travel course and you can travel around Jeju freely.
Second, round-trip air tickets for two people in Jeju Island are provided, and you can travel around Jeju Island with a scheduled hotel and tour limousine. In addition, all breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge.